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BREKKIE BASH: This year the Brekkie Bash in on Sunday 13th February 2011, to be held at the Finke Start Finish Line. There is no General Meeting Prior to this event, as this event is just a Fun Day of Sorts. Start Time is 7.30am and Racing is from 8.30 till 12 noon.
There will be A Breakfast BBQ available from 7.30am and we will have Bacon and Egg Sanga’s along with Sausage Sanga’s. Tea, Coffee, Juice, Cold Water and Soft Drinks will also be available. You can ask your sponsor’s to come along and take them for a Drive around the track, but anyone that is not licensed will need to fill out an indemnity form before getting into a Car. Long Sleeve Shirts, Long pants and Closed in Footwear will also need to be worn. This goes for anyone getting into a Race Car.

SCRUTINEERING: As you all know new rules have come out regarding Scrutineering. All cars that are log booked  prior to 2000 will need a full inspection, this means all panels including underbelly pans need to be removed so a complete inspection can be carried out, and this needs to be done before any car prior to 2000 can race. All cars will still require the regular Daylight scrutineering done before they can race as well. As at 2012 all cars will need to be fully inspected as per above, and this will need to occur every 2nd Year. A register of who is done and when they are done will be kept for current and future scrutineers.

At our 1st committee meeting the General meetings and scrutineering were discussed. It was a general consensus, that General Meetings were not working at Scrutineering, so we are reverting back to a separate General Meetings, which will be held the Thursday Night prior to Scrutineering, which is where you will get all your information regarding the Race, You will also have to fill out your nomination forms and hand them in to the Event Secretary, but payment does not need to be paid until your car is scrutineered, the following week. So if there is an instance where you   nominate but then are unable to actually participate, you won’t be out of pocket. Nominating early will also assist us with race numbers, who is racing and also for advertising, we can then promote you/your car/Team/Sponsors etc, the week before racing. So our first General meeting will be on the 17th March 2011. Points will also be added to Club Championship at end of year, which is also another good reason to attend General Meetings.

As you are all well aware the Canteen is basically our only means of Fundraising for the Club.. I am more than willing to co-ordinate the ordering and getting the canteen ready for service, but I will need assistance from all club members to help during the events. There will be points on offer again this year for all those who either work in the canteen or nominate someone for their team to work in the canteen. It doesn’t have to be all day/night and Sunday Morning... Just an hour or 2 to help out. If everyone gets in and helps it makes life easier for the committee...Remember this is your club and the funds raised are for YOUR club, not for my back pocket. If we do not have enough volunteers, we will have to revert back to the system where each division i.e.: Pro-Lites, Sportsmans Buggies etc will need to supply people to cover the canteen for the whole meeting. I would prefer not to do it this way; I would rather see everyone chipping in at every meeting. Bring a friend, your mum, your sister, your brother just one more helps.

WORKING BEE: Our first Working Bee will be on Sunday 13th March 2011. There will be lots of cleaning up to do, Lots of Long Grass, Dirt in places it shouldn’t be, so everyone should bring Gloves, Whipper Snippers, Shovels, Brooms and anything else that might assist in the clean up of the Pit Areas, Canteen Area, Container and The Big Genset.. Water Tanks are probably ¾ full, so you could bring some extra water and top them up... Bob says there doesn’t seem to be any washouts around the track and he has been doing some Grader work. Thanks to Axle for fixing it and Buddha for getting it back out there so Bob could play again. Points will be issued to all those who attend Working Bees, and thru out the year there will be double points for some of the working bees, but these will by mystery points only know by the Pointer Scorer and Committee as to when double points will be issued.

If you have any issues that you may want to bring to their attention, you are more than welcome to call them and speak to them, or send them an email, and they will inturn bring this information to the Committee Meetings held monthly.
Remember this is Your Club and Your Concerns are the Committee’s Concerns as well, so to make a Bigger and Better Club we need your input.

Just a reminder Club membership is due... if you have not already done so and you wish to become a member of The Alice Springs Off Road Race Club you can send your filled out membership form back to us along with $50 per racing member or $25 for associate members. Remember you need to be a financial member to race.

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